Thursday, September 22, 2011

Toni's Bio

A thought leader and expert in her field, Toni De Marco is an internationally renowned seminar leader, speaker, and best selling author.  She has published three books including “HEARTGASM!” — Increasing Intimacy & Ecstasy”© recently published by Hay House’s Balboa Press. 

Ms. De Marco is a Dr. of Metaphysics, has an extensive background in psychology, metaphysics, and health, and is the founder of the Wellness Healing Center.  She was originally a cover girl of “Super Model” fame who went on to writing and producing video and television.  She produced current DVD, “Tantric Partner Yoga,” as a tool to help couples to develop more intimacy in their relationships. 

Having been a well-known cover girl, actress, and author, Ms. De Marco has been in the public eye for years:  She has appeared on CBS’s “Morning Show,” ABC’s “Good Morning America,” and the “Sally Show.”  She’s also appeared on and produced segments of Regis Philbin’s, “The Regis & Kathy Show,” segments of ESPN’s “Business Times,” and the TV talk-show series, “Making a Difference.” Her past and current creations include the best-selling book, “The California Way to Natural Beauty” and its companion, “The Natural Way to Health and Beauty” (published by Grosset & Dunlap), and the DVD mentioned above, “Tantric Partner Yoga.” 

Ms. De Marco’s serving as a counselor and conduit for exponential learning in the human behavior arena, in recent years has expanded into a world-wide seminar circuit in which she established her “Heartgasm Relationships Trainings,” in such diverse places as Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Bali, Singapore, Thailand, and the USA.

The book, “Heartgasm!,” and an upcoming DVD series, are focused on material Ms. De Marco facilitates in her workshops about achieving relationship mastery and extraordinarily ecstatic sacred sensual practices.

A Unique Perspective on Sex

Ms. De Marco has a fresh and unique perspective on “sex” – a word that she equates with “sensual.”  She says, “Until a person can identify or ‘merge’ with a higher self – the places possible to get to sensually and orgasmically would be difficult to reach.  Merging with the Divine (continually existing in a state of ecstasy) instantly creates self-realization and enlightenment.”

That’s part of what “Heartgasm!” covers — getting to the ecstasy that is beyond one quick release.  She says, “It is because she takes her cues from ancient Eastern spiritual practices, that she has found a whole new perspective on how really ‘wild’ sensuality can be.  In order to go there consistently in a relationship, it helps to learn to relate (hard to have sex with a partner you aren’t talking to) and learn to love (especially yourself).

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