Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seeing the Light with Tantra-- Sacred Sexuality

The spiritual practice of Tantra* embodies the concept of seeing the light in everyone. For millennia in India, one honored the Divine spark in another with the greeting Namaste, which translates to “The Divine in me recognizes and honors the Divine in you.” It is a greeting still used to this day in India to show respect for another person. Similar to meditation, using the Namaste greeting brings attention to the Light within, instantly putting conscious attention into the mind, or “Universal consciousness” of, being at one with the higher self and with Source. [*Tantra comes from the Sanskrit tan, meaning “to weave,” “continue,” “propagate,” and “endure.”]

Tantra is one of the only traditions in the world that holds sex as a sacred spiritual practice. In ancient times, making love was given as an offering to “the Gods” [or to The One God, embodying all Gods]. After all, according to many religions, God created us in her own image. If that were true, our sexual body parts, and our natural desire for sex, is also God/Goddess-like. Perhaps it was the Creator’s intention to have sex not only as a means of propagation, but to be an endless source of pleasure through merging with the Divine -- an actual vehicle to enlightenment.

The very early practice of Tantra (Circa 10,000BC) encompassed literally all of India until sometime before 5,000BC, when India was devastated by attacks from Eastern barbarians. Temples destroyed, and peoples scattered, Tantra became a lost art. However, over the millennia, its remnants eventually evolved into today’s religions in India

Tantra had a brief revival during the Brahmanism Period (of asceticism and repression of bodily pleasures) as an antidote to the harshness favored by Monks and others practicing this religion.

Very little of how Tantra was once practiced in the East still exists today, but the sacredness of sex is still carried on in Western countries which have taken on the moniker of Tantra as a means to bring sex back into the importance and position which it once enjoyed in the East. In the last 20 or 30 years, Western holistic practitioners have often been drawn to the practice of Tantra and have added their own healing modalities to the mix. So yet a further evolution of Tantra is in process.

One process that did carry over from ancient times is a series of techniques practiced to induce prolonged bliss. Streaming orgasms, as it is sometimes called, is considered natural for women, but ancient India knew that men, too, could learn to withhold releasing, thus creating an opening to experience prolonged pleasure, much like women do.

In learning the techniques for blissful streaming, practiced by both men and women alike, one has many opportunities to offer ecstatic explosions of light and ecstasy to the Divine, in gratitude for the heavenly sensation of merging man, woman, and Divinity all into One.

Practicing the techniques themselves can be likened both to meditation and certain Marshall Arts techniques, including breathing and moving breath and energy up through the spine, passing through all the Chakras. This practice is often referred to as “raising the Kundalini.” It especially engages the vibrational energy of the Third-Eye Chakra – that of opening to “the light” – the Divine spark within.

It is no surprise that the Third-Eye Chakra is also known to be the center responsible for extra-sensory perception -- clairvoyance, clair-audience, and clair-sentience (kinesiological or “feeling” perception beyond the physical norm). The conscious intent of shooting breath (oxygen) and energy up into the middle of the brain also energizes and activates the pituitary and pineal glands, causing a release of opioids -- pleasurable hormones like endorphins and oxytocin.

Thus releasing light or “seeing the light” is a part of sexual bliss. People can learn to focus on bringing energy and breath to and through the Third-Eye Chakra. They can “add to” and visualize the pleasure associated with this blissful center as they roll their eyes back into their head (as though looking at this center in the middle of the brain) in the ecstatic experience of “seeing of the light.” Ecstatic experiences have been painted by the great masters as “looking up” beyond the normal vision into the bliss of the Third-Eye. [In one of Picasso’s early works, we see a freshly seduced peasant girl lying on a haystack, eyes rolled back in head, obviously satiated and oblivious to the world.*] Consciously accessing the Third-Eye Center is magnified by the pumping action of the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle (often referred to as Kegel exercises), as it shoots energy up the spine and to the top of the head.

Sooner or later, everyone engaged in the practice of these techniques will see the light. Practiced faithfully, these techniques not only help to experience the pleasurable release of orgasm, but when mastered, will eventually lead to riding waves of orgasmic bliss. This experience expands beyond what is considered average sexual practice (where within about 15 minutes one or both sexual partners experience orgasm/ejaculation), into the higher conscious realms where bodies disappear and one can merge with one’s partner and the Divine simultaneously – a point at which sex almost becomes irrelevant.

In this rarefied atmosphere one no longer has to have actual bodily contact/sex in order to continue releasing orgasmic waves of pleasure. This “beyond sex” experience – riding the Tantric “wave of pleasure” that exists into Eternity is tapped or tuned-into like a frequency on your radio dial. Once there, very little effort need be expended to continue this magical ride on the never-ending wave of Love, Light and Bliss.

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