Sunday, September 25, 2011

Answer to Question About Tantra and the Light Article

If you’ve read my blog from September 22, you may have a question similar to the one that one of my readers had.

Regarding the paragraph:

“Sooner or later, everyone engaged in the practice of these techniques will see the light. Practiced faithfully, these techniques not only help to experience the pleasurable release of orgasm, but when mastered, will eventually lead to riding waves of orgasmic bliss. This experience expands beyond what is considered average sexual practice (where within about 15 minutes one or both sexual partners experience orgasm/ejaculation), into the higher conscious realms where bodies disappear and one can merge with one’s partner and the Divine simultaneously –

a point at which sex almost becomes irrelevant....”

“WHAT??????,” my reader exclaimed, “Not sure what this means? Do you dissolve? Disappear? Turn into vapor? Forgive me, not trying to sound like a dodo bird...”

This simply means that the ecstasy becomes so great that even though you are still in your bodies, that as they merge into one (with each other and with Divine consciousness), and although you probably are having sex, you also can just stop and hug or hold hands or whatever, and the waves of ecstasy will continue for quite some time because of the expanded state of consciousness that you are experiencing.

It's one of those things that you almost have to have experienced to know what I mean. So for all intensive purposes, you could actually have the sensation of dissolution, disappearing, and/or turning into vapor if that is where the ecstasy takes you. Just picture a really good LSD trip but on the “natch.”

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