Author, trainer and founder of the Wellness & Sexual Healing Centers,
Toni De Marco has an extensive background in psychology, metaphysics, and health.  Her training includes having studied with many of the world's leading wellness and Tantra teachers and she, herself, has worked as a teacher, healer and counselor to both individuals and couples for over 30 years. Toni was a top cover-girl in her 20's and acted in scores of television commercials and several films at the same time that she was studying many different holistic and healing technologies.  In her 30's Toni wrote an acclaimed health and beauty book, The California Way to Natural Beauty, and also started relationship counseling.  In her 40's, Toni segued to writing and producing video and television. In her most recent venture into the Video/DVD arena she created Tantric Partner Yoga, along with Tantra trainers, Robert Frey and Lori Grace Star, as a tool to help couples to develop more intimacy in their relationships through sensual partner-yoga. 

De Marco is also the creator of the Tantric Sacred Relationships Trainings. After a year-long tour of presenting her workshops in Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore, she spent the next 3 years facilitating trainings in both Australia and the US.

Be looking for Toni’s new book,

Have a Hot & Juicy Relationship
By Opening to the Love Within©

It will be available initially as an e-book, and then later published as a hard copy book.

De Marco reports that she was very excited about having been in Australia for over a year and having presented several trainings all along the East coast including Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Sydney, and Melbourne.  She also was a featured workshop facilitator at the Mind Body Spirit festival in Sydney and Melbourne.

Toni combines the best of Western psychology, communication and relationship skills melded with the Eastern philosophical idea of “build and moving energy“ (using ancient Tantric sexual techniques).  Her retreats and seminars, ideal for singles as well as couples, are designed to remove blocks and kick-start relationships at any stage of development (and are).

For the last year De Marco has been writing a book and a series of DVD’s roughly based on her relationship trainings.  The book is now finished.  The entire DVD series is outlined and four of the 12 DVD’s are fully written.

Toni is currently seeking partners to facilitate fast movement towards shooting, editing and getting the series out into the marketplace.