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The Evolution of My Own Life Became My Book’s H.E.A.R.T. System

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I hope you liked my re-entry into the blogosphere, and hopefully you’ve been inspired with some fresh, new ideas about how to have a better relationship through the excerpts from my new book, “HERTGASM! – Increasing Intimacy & Ecstasy with Your Beloved.”© More follows, and I’m looking forward to seeing you here when you can break away for a breath of fresh air..

The Evolution of My Own Life Became My Book’s H.E.A.R.T. System

In revealing my five simple and practical secrets to light your relationship on fire, I share with you my personal journey from failed partnerships to relationship success, illustrating how the principals in “HEARTGASM!” can take your sacred union to the next level of fulfillment.

These five secrets are really simple and are guaranteed perk up your relationship, however, depending on where you are starting, they may or may not be easy. Nonetheless, I promise you, that if you practice each of these secrets in the order that they are presented, it won’t take you long to have a growing and thriving partnership.

My Steps Along the Way

Having been in the public eye for years, I am well positioned and finally experienced and wise enough, to be the spokesperson who nurtures people into taking this leap into higher consciousness. My career as a relationship guru evolved out of my own experiences, starting out with five years of scholarship-awarded university studies, evolving to becoming a super-model cover girl, and eventually actress, author, and producer. Getting here was not always easy nor was it always a straight path.

Growing Up

When I was very young, it was supposed to work like this: Your knight in shining armor sweeps you up on his stallion and together you ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

But by the time I was seven, I had developed this nagging suspicion that maybe things wouldn’t be so perfect after all. By then I had decided that my parents were full of s**t and that grownups couldn’t be trusted.

Still, I had hope. All those romantic novels I had read in my teen years couldn’t have been wrong, could they? They depicted lovers having this beautiful spiritual bonding, holding them together regardless of the problems which beset them, and which in fact, cemented the love between them even greater than before. But as you will see in the upcoming chapters of this book, that’s not the way it turned out.

My life’s path to find my dream of spiritual partnership grew out of my need to fix my parents, and therefore to fix my relationships and myself.

Thus commenced my life-long search to understand what makes people tick, which is probably one of the reasons I initially decided to become an actress. From the time of about age18 on, I launched into an intense study of everything holistic I could get my hands on. Over the last 40 years my background has grown to include an extensive knowledge of psychology, physiology, spirituality, and metaphysics.

Connecting from the Intelligence of the Heart 

Trust That the Heart Knows What to Say

Perhaps people start out their relationship-life all backwards – I certainly did. First they have sex, then they fall in love, and then they realize that they can’t talk to each other. Chances are if you’re not talking, you’re not having sex. That’s why in “HEARTGASM!,” I propose you first learn how to relate, and then how to love (especially how to love yourself) – both of which finally enhance your sex life. Not that you can’t do it the other way, but you’d better have relationship-tools as a back up when the honeymoon is over.

How would you like to be able to have a perfect intimate relationship in which you have loving ecstatic sex? In everyone’s heart of hearts, this is their deepest desire.

In modern cultures, the desire of a man to become wealthy is often behind wanting to attract the perfect wife. Conversely, a woman’s desire to be beautiful is often to attract the perfect husband. Dr. Hyla Cass says “This is biologically built in: Men want beautiful women – healthy child-bearers, for reproduction;
women want wealthy men who can go out and hunt and bring home the we have to deal with some biological realities...”

Like in David Byrne’s lyrics, “Once in a Lifetime,” people work all their lives to achieve their dreams and wake up one day with the realization that the life they’ve created – with the perfect wife, house, and car – isn’t what they really wanted after all, and they can’t compute how they’ve allowed this to happen.

This book was created to help people to find themselves through their hearts, to learn to relate to their loved ones through their hearts (and whether married or single), to transform their relationships into heaven on earth.

Welcome to this journey to finding yourself – and in so doing, finding all that you desire.”

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