Monday, October 21, 2013

A New Start for a Bogged-Down Blog

A New Start for a Bogged-Down Blog

Hi My Wonderful Blogger Friends —

Yes, my blog did get ignored for a long time while I was finishing my new book, “HERTGASM! – Increasing Intimacy & Ecstasy with Your Beloved.”©  However, now that it’s been published I can get back to business:

It’s very exciting to see the growing numbers of friends and followers who visit my Facebook and Twitter pages and are finding out about “HERTGASM!”

One of my short-term goals is to attend one of Steve Harrison's bi-annual National Publicity Summits in NYC where I will meet 80 - 100 of the top media producers face-to-face, thus increasing my ability to book some of the top TV and radio shows, as well as national magazines and newspapers. One good National TV talk show like Oprah, can put Heartgasm ‘on the map’ and literally make it a best-seller overnight.  

Yes, you might say, “But everyone wants their book to be a best-seller. Why is yours different?”  Here’s why: “HERTGASM!” bucks the trend to separate relationship books from books about sex and intimacy.  Don’t these come together?  Yes, in life, but “not necessarily” in the book-publishing world.  Excuse me, this is an obvious “no brainer” that needs to be acknowledged in the arena of well-written, distinguished, truly transformational and spiritually enlightening books, which up to now, have been hard to find.

And just to prove to you that I know my stuff, I’ve decided to place excerpts from “HERTGASM!” in my blogs and also on my Facebook and Twitter pages so you can see for yourself how singles and couples can benefit from reading it.  Here’s the beginning of my book and I’ll continue to post more and more to make sure no one misses how “HERTGASM!”  can help to transform the world…

“Sometimes seems like just yesterday that I was lying in my bathtub with tears streaming down my face, “I don’t understand why he won’t talk to me about sex. I can’t stand not having sex for months at a time – it just doesn’t work for me. I wish there was something I could do about it.”

But nothing I’d tried seemed to work. Every day I would sit in my bathtub and cry.

Even though my husband and I owned a beautiful Mediterranean villa overlooking the Hollywood Hills and had a Mercedes and a Porsche in the garage, I was desperately unhappy.

That’s when I realized that money and fame were empty and meaningless without being satisfied with my inner-self and my relationship.

Practically virgins when we married, we just didn’t know enough about sex to make it work. He kept telling me I was frigid. I didn’t feel frigid but I didn’t have orgasms either and was beginning to believe him.
We broke up for a period of time and I went away and had an affair. For me it was a wonderful healing because I realized that I was fully orgasmic and there was nothing wrong with me.

Thus began a new phase of my life in which I spent a great deal of time trying to fix my relationship, fix myself, and learn more about the spiritual side of life. And somewhere along that path I decided that realizing enlightenment in this lifetime had become part of the process.

My husband and I actually had a very close connection because we had so much love for each other. We did everything together, and if we had a break from work, we even had lunch together. We had similar interests and similar tastes in art. If we’d been able to resolve our sexual issues we might still have been together.

So why couldn’t we resolve our sexual issues?

We were used to communicating on a very shallow level. We didn’t have the skills or tools to communicate about relationship issues. If we’d had that, along with the love we already felt for each other, we might have been able to make things work.

That’s why the first section of this book, Secret 1, has been designed specifically to help you to resolve your relationship problems through improving your communication skills – skills specific to opening your heart.

Once you have the tools for expressing your feelings, and asking your partner for what you would prefer, you will even find that you can communicate better sexually. In these ways you can create more intimacy and enhance and expand your heart connection.

By going through each of the five secrets in the order in which they’re
presented, you’ll gain knowledge and understanding that leads to building the intimacy and love that you seek.

Relating Through Love

Through “HEARTGASM!,” you will gain the knowing that there is a way to have a great relationship and fabulous sex by acknowledging your own sacred hearts and lives in partnership with your significant other.

Essential in a great relationship is to be introduced to your own inner Sacred Relationship. Through learning to listen to the intuition of your heart, and finding the love within, loving yourself becomes possible. This is the fast track to rise above the power struggles of a relationship devoid of spirit and finding truly unconditional love for your partner.

You will come to understand that love is the greatest healer there is. It can truly liberate your heart and soul, helping you to soar beyond petty differences, and instead, allowing you to appreciate your individuality, free your creativity, and re-create your world in a new paradigm of how real freedom can look.

You’ll discover that by reversing the long-ignored feminine intuitive process, in both men and women, you can add measurably to the way that both partners can experience equality, at the same time playing on the beautiful and obvious differences between the sexes.

Becoming a Soul Couple

Perhaps most importantly, through practicing the advanced communication skills in ““HEARTGASM!,” you can truly become a “soul couple,” where you and your partner agree to going for the higher, greatest good – allowing you to safely negotiate for what you both want as individuals, and as a couple – actually getting what you want!

And just in case you think that this book is just for couples, it isn’t. Even if you don’t have a partner, what you learn will help you to avoid the pitfalls of an uninformed relationship, and actually help you attract the right partner.

Both singles and couples can participate in experiential processes that are fun and rewarding. You’ll learn techniques in how to ask for what you want, especially in how you would like to be touched, thus leading to greater appreciation, intimacy and a genuinely loving relationship.

There is also a juicy section devoted just to sensual techniques – always performed in alignment with our Higher Selves, which can actually bring you to experiencing enlightenment.”

Please tune in for more to come…

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